Rembrand van Lakwijk

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Entrepreneurial developer full of plans and ideas: Rembrand van Lakwijk

"I want to continue to optimize the solutions for our customers"

October 31 2019

As an intern, Rembrand developed a product for Nedap Retail - the iD Top - that is now available in various stores worldwide. In his current position as an Embedded Software Engineer, he goes many steps further. Although iD Top is already the best overhead RFID EAS system on the market, Rembrand and colleagues keep on developing it in order to stay ahead of the game. Why not use science and physics to develop even better products for your customers?

Rembrand doesn't just do it, he also enjoys it. After all, doing thorough research suits him. And that cutting-edge and pushing-the-boundaries work is exactly what he loves to do.

‘As an engineer, I keep going into the field in order to keep in touch with my customers.’

Rembrand van Lakwijk

From start-to-finish and from Groenlo to Chicago

Just doing research isn't what makes Rembrand happy. He wants to be involved in the development of a product from start to finish. Being in touch with customers plays an important role for him. He flew to Chicago and Japan with a suitcase full of parts to 'just' test the prototype of a product he co-developed. That 'just' became multiple days full of customer contact and learning moments. Very useful. That's why Rembrand keeps going into the field.

‘Science and physics help me with our product development'.

Rembrand van Lakwijk

A positive drive and vibe

Customer feedback is exactly what keeps Rembrand focused. By constantly investigating their challenges, he continues to improve what he is working on. In addition, he is extra committed to helping customers in the best possible way, because Nedap Retail regularly comes up with new things; the urge for proof that he feels in doing so creates an enormous positive drive and vibe.

‘I want to continue to optimize the solutions for our customers.’

Rembrand van Lakwijk

About technical applications and getting married

There are plenty of challenges, room for personal initiative and the opportunity to grow for Rembrand at Nedap. But entrepreneurship and the development of new products seem to be in his blood, so in his spare time he also works with his former fellow students on cool, technical applications. In addition, getting married is on the agenda. So even if you have questions about invitations, wedding suits and flower arrangements, you can come to Rembrand nowadays.

Rembrand van Lakwijk
Embedded Software Engineer
Rembrand van Lakwijk