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Dynamic tagging expert with guts: Ton Jansen

"I want to know why people do what they do. What drives them?"

April 10 2020

If we had to tag our tagging expert Ton himself, then sporty, enterprising and interested would be the right terms. Football is his life and in his spare time he occasionally does triathlons. Even at work, Ton does not sit still. He finds the world of RFID tags and all the developments that play out there far too interesting for that. Together with his technical team, he is constantly looking at how we at Nedap Retail can optimize tags for our customers. We are happy to let him do it!

Sporty, enterprising and interested.

Ton Jansen

Do you dare?

Constantly striving and pushing the limits is  what drives Ton and that's why he took up his current challenge at Nedap Retail. Ton is not afraid of a bit of competition; challenge him personally, professionally or physically. Do you dare? Because of his broad interests, he can passionately work on many different things. He’s in his element during a pub quiz rapidly answering any and every question that is thrown at him, but that might have to do with something else. ;)

I want to know why people do what they do. What drives them?

Ton Jansen

Interest in others

Ton's interest in international business, which he has had since his studies in the field, comes in handy in his current position as International Sales Manager. Being constantly alert to the trends of changing markets and  in close contact with other cultures fits his drive to discover the new as well as uncover what similarities may exist. But his interest goes deeper. He questions how people in other cultures differ from each other? And why have those differences historically come about?

"I like to stay a little longer at my holiday destinations.”

Ton Jansen

Holidays are forbidden ;)

A good thing to know is that we actually should  prevent Ton from going on holiday. During his skiholiday, he had an accident and spent five days in an Austrian hospital. During his trip through Thailand, he broke a collarbone by falling off his scooter. He himself talks about this with a mischievous glimmer in hiseye, “I enjoy my holidays and like to stay there a bit longer”.

Changing gears quickly

Because he generally doesn't like to spend a lot of time on any one thing, Ton is naturally very flexible and agile. Switching directions quickly with suppliers, developers and technicians on possibilities or test results is easy for him. The myriad of different factors involved with the tagging industry and all the different ways of approaching it make him enjoy getting into his car every morning. Whether or not he arrives safely is another question.

International Sales Manager
Ton Jansen