Dennis Muller

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Data enthusiast: Dennis Muller

"I like the freedom in how I can do my work at Nedap. Approaching it in an entrepreneurial way really suits me"

January 31 2020

"Data is the new oil” is a soundbite heard often. But having lots of data does not automatically mean also having meaningful insights available right away. To get that added value, there must be someone analyzing the data and shape it into the right formats. This is where Dennis comes in. 

The right mix of humans and technology

Having studied Business and IT, after his graduation on data processing with machine learning, Dennis was offered a job as a business intelligence specialist at Nedap Retail. He happily accepted this offer, as his drive comes from solving challenges for customers and colleagues by asking the right questions and looking for patterns in their data. He likes to write software to assist him with these tasks and automate his work where possible. 

The fact that I meet with customers and colleagues across the whole company is just as important to me as working with the data. 

Dennis Muller

High demand for insights from data

Dennis works on different topics such as KPI reports and the investigation of technical issues. He often gets requests for the report that displays the sales-uplift retailers can get from our iD Cloud solution. For those magic numbers, his business developer colleagues know where to find him. His popularity comes at a cost, however: some people complain about the queues forming at Dennis’s desk (“This go-getter! What is he up to now?”).  

I like the freedom in how I can do my work at Nedap. Approaching it in an entrepreneurial way really suits me.  

Dennis Muller

Similarities between work and private life

In his spare time, Dennis likes to play padel, a mix of tennis and squash. Painting is a way for him to relax after a busy day. His holiday destinations are more off the beaten track, last summer he went to Kazakhstan to hike through rocky terrain. He spent hours with locals asking them about the people and culture in the country. It is easy to spot the resemblance between these activities and his work: in a new situation, you have to just view it from different angles to be able to see the whole picture. 

You can learn a lot by just talking to people. 

Dennis Muller


Dennis just bought a house with his girlfriend. Now he has a promising career and a place to live, is there anything left for him to desire? He is by no means planning to become a couch potato: “I would like to travel more. Next on my wish list is Central Africa”. 

Dennis Muller - Data enthusiast
Business Analyst & Data Consultant
Dennis Muller