Sue Richardson

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Approach with ambition: Sue Richardson

"Business as usual isn’t my thing; I get energy from change and being busy"

June 26 2020

The bar is high - higher - highest for Sue Richardson. Business as usual isn't her thing because it’s change that’s giving her energy. That explains her interesting career that ranges from Retail Operations Management to Economic Lecturer and her current role as Head of RFID Deployment - USA.

"I need a goal, a point of focus”

Sue Richardson

River deep, mountain high

Sue always likes to keep the peak of the mountain insight, even though she knows that there are challenges on the way there. When the peak is finally reached, this is the Wow moment! This is where she gets her adrenaline from, striving for success. Are we dealing with an adrenaline junkie here? Not at all, but with a lady who doesn't shy away from a challenge and knows how to tackle it: renovating a house and have a challenging job at the same time? No problem. Maintaining a property with land and animals with her partner, supporting her daughter and squeezing in time to ride her horses, whilst throwing herself completely into her work? Sue balances it all.

"Business as usual isn't my thing; I get energy from change and being busy”

Sue Richardson

Helping others grow and succeed

If work doesn't feel like work, you can go on endlessly at full speed. A trap? Not for Sue, because her hard work stems from a passion to help others grow and succeed. For some time now, Sue has been continuing her Nedap adventure in the United States. A step that suits her perfectly; the responsibility, exploring new territory, the international aspect. With great pleasure, strategic thinking and commitment, she helps customers set up and roll out RFID to provide their (international) retail chains with Nedap Retail's fully integrated stock management and loss prevention solution. Ultimately to help them succeed and deliver against their business case.

“Work doesn't feel like work to me”

Sue Richardson

Horses and butterflies

When she is back in the Netherlands and not at work, then Sue loves to spend time with her horses.  She goes for the top here as well. The Eventing competition element is part of that. Give Sue a goal and she will go for it, both in her private life and at work. The feeling she gets when she sits on her horse in the starting box, the butterflies in her stomach during the countdown. Those last few seconds before the start,  followed by a cross country course full of obstacles and finally finishing; the satisfaction that can be felt around her, this passion and feeling is similar to that whilst working on challenging projects. You can feel that energy and determination when you get the chance to work with her!

Sue Richardson
Head of RFID Deployment - USA
Sue Richardson