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Meet the Global Leader in RFID

RFID Inventory Visibility Software | Cloud Saas Platform

In this video Madalynn Lauria (Business developer at Nedap) gives a short introduction into Nedap Retail's iD Cloud solutions.


Madalynn Lauria: Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based retail solutions. So we offer intuitive software platforms that allow retailers to gain full inventory visibility and unlock their omnichannel potential. Our mission is to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available for their customers. This way they never miss a sale.

Real-time item visibility is important when we think about unifying the brick-and-mortar and online shopping experience. Inventory information is super important to be able to place the customer at the centre of the supply chain.

If we understand where our products are, then we’re able to offer omnichannel services. Such as same-day delivery, BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In-Store) as well as ship-from-store. So, iD Cloud is giving retailers insights into understanding which locations products may be on, which items are on the shelf as well as in your stockroom. This way we can replenish and always make sure that we’re never missing that sale.

Another key benefit that we offer retailers is a contribution to their sustainability goals. We want to help them to be able to sell more with less stock.

Always make sure that we’re never missing that sale

Madalynn Lauria – Business developer at Nedap