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In this video Madalynn Lauria (Business developer at Nedap) gives a short introduction into Nedap Retail's iD Cloud solutions. Our cloud-based RFID solutions enable our customers to unlock their full omnichannel potential, minimize shrinkage, optimize the on-shelf availability and create seamless check-out experiences.


Madalynn Lauria: Nedap Retail is the global leader in RFID solutions. We offer smart RFID hardware and software to allow retailers to give them full inventory visibility and unlock their full omnichannel potential. Retailers increasingly want to place the customer at the centre of the supply chain. For a true customer-centric approach you need full inventory visibility of each individual item. This way you’re able to allow the customer to decide where they want to order, receive, pay and return the items.

Full inventory visibility means having control over your losses, so this is full shrink visibility. Heading onto the customer-centric approach: customers no longer want to wait in long lines to check out, so it would be much simpler if they could just check out on their mobile phone or through a self-checkout service.

This is going to propose new challenges for loss prevention teams. So, with RFID they can be able to monitor these items on the individual level and be able to tell whether an item is paid for or unpaid through the use of hardware devices.

To achieve full inventory visibility, we have two solutions. The first being iD Cloud, which is an RFID-based software solution that gives you insight into which items are available in which location and which items might be missing from the shop floor. Additionally, iD Cloud is the most used RFID software solution and we’re very excited to be launching that in the United States at NRF’s Big Show this year.

The second solution to achieve full inventory visibility is our iD Top, which is an RFID enabled EAS solution. It gives you actionable data and insights into which items are leaving the store, whether they’re paid or unpaid.