A new feature for iD Cloud

Introducing our latest feature: find&prep

February 1 2021

Find&Prep lets your store staff find certain products that require action, such as products with price promotions. Until now, store staff had to spend hours searching for them, using printed forms and an outstanding recollection of the store’s inventory.  Thanks to Find&Prep, your store staff will be equipped with a powerful tool that easily locates products using an RFID handheld device.

Here’s how Find&Prep works: After a list of products has been uploaded to iD Cloud, your store staff can select that list in the Find&Prep tile. While searching for products, the list automatically shows how many products you should look for and which products are nearby. It also lets you check off items, so you can keep track of your progress.

Want to see it in action? Watch the video:

How can Find&Prep benefit your stores?

The Find&Prep feature currently serves the following three use cases:

Always ‘warm’ with Find&Prep: how does it work in practice?

RFID has the power to show products that are in close proximity. With this unique capability, you can easily find those last items from a certain product line hidden in the masses of your store inventory.

Think of it as a “hot and cold” game at a kids’ birthday party. If you played it, you surely remember the feeling when your parents were shouting ‘warm’ when you almost found your presents. That’s exactly the feeling you’ll have when looking for products through Find&Prep: the feature will intuitively show you when you are near the products on your list.

Ready for omnichannel orders with Find&Prep

Find&Prep also opens the door to new possibilities, such as in-store fulfilment. While iD Cloud already enables you to fully unlock your inventory for omnichannel strategies, picking orders from a store remains a hassle. Find&Prep helps store staff with finding specific orders. This use case is something we’re currently researching, and we’ll keep you updated.

Customer Success Manager
Steffie Broere