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iD Cloud

RFID in the cloud

iD Cloud is a scalable and user-friendly RFID solution designed for retail applications. RFID technology enables retailers to track every article in the store and stock room and quickly improve the stock accuracy to over 98% and significantly improve their on-shelf merchandise availability.


Voice over: Today’s shoppers are loyal to their favourite brands, but they are also more demanding than ever. They want to buy, what they want to buy, not something else. And they want it instantly, not later. So, making sure all products are immediately available is crucial for the success of retailers these days.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: What I want for my customers when they get in the store is finding what they want and need, right away. So, if I can have a kind of a, just a machine that told me “Julie, this is how many suits you have downstairs in storage, this is how many shirts you have, this is how many pants you have” and “you’re selling a lot of that size, you need more sizes”. Oh well, thank you mister machine. I will do that.

Voice over: Our mission is to make it easy for retailers to always have the right products available. That’s why we developed iD Cloud, a user-friendly software platform that raises stock accuracy, optimizes replenishment and boosts product availability. With iD Cloud, RFID is both scalable and simple to use for everyone, from your IT team to your store staff.

I smile when I do inventory now, I never used to do that

Julie Rangfred Hanssen – Store Manager

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: When I was introduced to the RFID, the first thing I said at the meeting was “yay, this is Christmas”. I think that was exactly my words. Because they showed us the box and then just the scanner over and then it had counted everything in the box. I smile when I do inventory now, I never used to do that.

Voice over: There are many advantages to iD Cloud. It doesn’t replace your existing ERP system but instead feeds it with accurate data. You can use the RFID reader of your choice, and whichever mobile device and operating system you prefer. New staff members can be trained in a matter of minutes, and everybody can use iD Cloud in their own language.

iD Cloud is built on GS1 standards, like SG 10 and EPCIS to enable easy integration with other technology providers and supply chain partners.

The solution runs on state-of-the-art database technologies and easily scales to process data from thousands of stores so you can make sure that your shelves are always perfectly stocked and you never miss a sale.

Julie Rangfred Hanssen: click click, done.