A Community Exclusive Product Update

The On-Shelf Availability Toolkit - Part 2

Join us on Tuesday October 26th!

Product availability is key in retail stores. With the benefit of sublocation level information, iD Cloud knows exactly which items are not present on the sales floor, but are available in the stock room: the basis of our Refill feature.

A couple weeks ago, Tjibbe van der Laan presented the new On-Shelf Toolkit that will go into development shortly. Did you miss part one or would you like to have another look at what we covered? You can watch the recording on our iD Cloud User Community (login required).

Now we are back for part two! We invite you to continue our deepdive into the On-Shelf Availability Toolkit.

During this event we will continue where we left off answering our Product’s team remaining questions before the specifications will go into development for the On-Shelf Toolkit (including refill).



Tuesday October 26th from 3 PM tot 4 PM CET



Our Gather meeting space (see the image above for a sneak peak!)

People team employees


iD Cloud Experts

Your Hosts:

Tjibbe van der Laan - Product manager
Tjibbe van der Laan – Product Manager
Steffie Broere – Customer Success Manager