In-person Event

iD Cloud Community Days 2023

25 & 26 April 2023 | Nedap Campus in Groenlo, The Netherlands

It's time for our community to come together again.
In. Real. Life. 🙌

At Nedap, we value our iD Cloud Community. That's why we see the power of bringing the world's leading retailers together to enlarge the success of RFID in your organization.

It's been too long since we saw our whole iD Cloud community in person. But the wait is almost at an end. We are excited to share our new year's resolution: to organize our iD Cloud Community Day at our campus in Groenlo, The Netherlands.

Yes: that's right. We want to organize a physical event at our headquarters for all our iD Cloud customers. To connect, inspire and learn from the world's leading retailers. Please register yourself via this form.

Location: Parallelweg 2, Groenlo, the Netherlands
Start: Tuesday 25th of April 12 PM CET
End: Wednesday 26th of April 2 PM CET

The Program

Security management

Align RFID Successes with Business KPIs

In this workshop we will gain insights on how to best support and measure the success of RFID within your organization. We bring together peers to discuss what metrics are typically used in the retail industry and you will have the opportunity to share your own measures and experiences. Get ready to showcase your success to your leadership!


RFID in the Supply Chain

In this Q&A session on RFID in the supply chain, we invite industry leaders who have implemented RFID in their DC. Learn about the latest trends and best practices for implementing RFID in your supply chain operations. Ask your questions and gain insights from these experts on how RFID can improve efficiency and visibility in your supply chain.


In-Store Automation

Join us for an interactive session on in-store automation. We will share experiences and identify opportunities to improve store processes through hardware and software integration. While the dream of fully automated stores is not yet a reality, together we can explore ways to make it a closer reality.


Seamless Shopping versus Security

Today’s shoppers demand a seamless shopping experience. Offering seamless shopping experiences, like self-checkout, buy-online-pickup-instore (BOPIS), or receiptless returns, create new dilemmas and challenges for retailers. The more seamless it is to shop, the higher the risks are for internal and external theft and fraud. How can you achieve the goal of delivering seamless shopping experiences without uncontrollable shrinkage levels?


Streamlining the In-Store Ecosystem

Are you struggling to manage the complex ecosystem of apps and processes in your stores? Do you see the challenges in onboarding of new employees and adoption of new processes due to this complexity? Join our workshop on “Streamlining the In-Store Ecosystem.” We’ll explore strategies for simplifying and optimizing the use of multiple apps and processes in the store environment.


Real-Time RFID in Retail: Unlocking the Potential

This workshop will focus on the benefits of real-time RFID technology for retail stores. Attendees will learn how RFID can improve inventory management, supply chain operations, security and safety in retail environment. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the potential of real-time RFID and the steps necessary to implement this powerful technology in their own retail store.


Smart Counting

Count has always been a core RFID process in the store. However, nowadays more and more processes are covered to RFID increasing inventory accuracy and data richer. With the increasing amount of RFID data available, we’ll discuss ways to count smarter and be more mindful of the time availability of store employees. Help design the future of count!

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Your First RFID Implementation

Just joined the iD Cloud Community? This workshop is for you! Join us as we discuss tips and tricks for a successful RFID roll-out, including how to plan, implement, and manage an RFID system, and how to leverage the iD Cloud Community to get the most out of RFID technology. Learn from experts who have successfully implemented RFID and hear real-world examples of the benefits and ROI achieved. Get your questions answered and leave the workshop with a clear plan on how to successfully implement RFID in your own store.

iD Cloud Fair

Between session we invite you to browse our iD Cloud Fair. Here we offer a full demo experience, allowing retailers to see our technology in action and understand the potential benefits for their business.

The market also features a "museum" of upcoming features of iD Cloud, giving retailers a preview of our the latest developments.

You will be able to vote on the iD Cloud roadmap and developments, providing input on the direction of our technology.

Additionally, the information market offers third-party applications, providing retailers with a variety of tools and solutions to enhance their RFID implementation.

Finally, retailers can connect with Nedap experts and get their questions answered, so you leave the community day fully equipped to successfully continue the RFID journey in your business.