How to secure fixed self-checkouts in a customer friendly way

Food and grocery retailers with self-checkouts in place will concur that shrinkage levels increase. In this whitepaper we discuss measures retailers can take to combat theft. EAS systems can be very effective in reducing shrinkage, but when implemented poorly it will hurt the customer experience.


In this whitepaper we will deep dive into:

1. Self-Checkout is here to stay

Fixed Self-Checkouts has been around for over two decades, but recently we have seen a huge uplift in the adoption by food retailers. This trend is driven by increased customer expectations, cost savings, and additional store space

2. How to secure Self-Checkouts

Retailers are looking for solutions to find the right balance between customer exerpience and the level of shrinkage

3. Dealing with Self-Checkout challenges

Self-Checkouts come with some additional challenges