Brands with Benefits

How RFID and digital product identification power end-to-end visibility

Brands with Benefits: how RFID and digital product identification power end-to-end visibility

This eBook describes the benefits of RFID technology, digital product identification, and unified stock specifically for brands in times of changing customer behavior.

Based on many examples, the document explains how end-to-end visibility enables brands to streamline merchandise throughout all sales channels to become more sustainable, customer-oriented, and successful.


A market in motion

Consumer behavior is steadily changing;  that’s not a new thing. But, as recent  studies have proven, shoppers have been through an emotional, life-changing journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they have become more informed, adopted new sales channels, and are aware of their expectations of brands. This chapter is further looking into aspects like:

  • Conscious Consumers
  • Everywhere Commerce
  • Direct to Consumer

Benefitting from RFID and digital identification

Data-driven brands need actionable insights. The overall goal is to ensure products are always available to shoppers. Tracking stock movements and status changes in real-time is especially important within complex supply chain structures, where products are regularly shipped and transferred between partners, warehouses, distribution centers, and stores.

Components for a successful RFID deployment

RFID on the item-level in combination with an EPCIS repository will add another level of information about the actual stock situation along the entire supply chain for data-driven brands and retailers.

Creating true and comprehensive stock visibility enables demand-driven allocation, predictive replenishment, and stock transfers to the location where products are really needed.

And finally, this will enable brands and retailers to make their customers happy. But the question is where and how to start this journey.

How to get started

The foremost reason brands implement RFID is to be able to maximize the customer experience by having full stock visibility. Successful RFID projects have one thing in common: the solution is embraced by the users.