Self-checkout in essential retail


How COVID-19 is Accelerating the Adoption of Self-Checkout

Recorded session in collaboration with Diebold Nixdorf

We have seen a huge uplift in the adoption of self-checkout (SCO) by retailers over the last few years. This trend is mainly driven by customer experience, cost savings and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic has been credited for accelerating the push for innovation in physical retail. But self-checkout technology is not all roses, it comes with a significant increase in shrinkage.

In a panel discussion hosted by Steven Heijs, Business Developer at Nedap, with guests Dominik Widmaier, Head of Product Management at Diebold Nixdorf and Hans Hammer, Technical Expert at Nedap we will dive into the following topics:


In this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  1. The impact of COVID-19 on the adoption of Self-Checkout
  2. Trends in Self-Checkout technology
  3. How to secure Self-Checkout technology in a customer-friendly way
  4. The future of Self-Checkout technology
  5. A new innovative concept to secure Scan & Go


  • 45-minute webinar
  • 15-minute Q&A session
  • English spoken

About Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf offers world-leading banking solutions and retail technology systems that help banks, credit unions and retailers meet the needs of connected consumers.

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Steven Heijs

Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail

Dominik Widmaier

Head of Product Management at Diebold Nixdorf

Matt Redwood

Global Head of Self-Service Solutions at Diebold Nixdorf

Hans Hammer

Technical Expert at Nedap