iSense Lumen hybrid

RFID-based Loss Prevention

iL45 RF only | iL45 Hybrid RF/RFID

The intelligent 3-in-1 RFID antenna

Hybrid detection with integrated state-of-the-art RFID and RF technology. This intelligent Loss Prevention system contains state-of-the-art electronics that can easily be integrated, and remotely updated and its data made visible through dashboards, reports and an API.

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iL45 RF only | iL45 Hybrid

RFID upgradable

Clip-in RFID upgrade kit available, which enables hybrid detection. Providing integrated state-of-the-art RFID and RF technology.

Adaptive functions

The iL45 gates can adapt their function in a store, as they can be used for goods receiving-, detection-, or RF / RFID EAS functionalities.

OID technology

Nedap’s patented OID technology (Orientation Independent Detection), detects RF labels in all orientations, ensuring optimal performance even
in challenging environments.

Real-time insights

Real-time insight and control with in-store and organization-wide dashboards.

Key benefits

This is what you can expect:



10kg | 22.05lbs



1690 x 462 x 100mm | 5.54ft x 1.52ft x 3.94”



Ethernet, USB (service port only)



Floor mounted


Alarm signaling

Audible and multicolour light



100 – 240 V

RAIN RFID Reader Chip Technology by Impinj

The iL45 uses the Impinj R2000 RAIN RFID Reader Chip, which provides high read sensitivity, and enables long-range reading and fast tag read rates.

iL45 RF only | iL45 Hybrid

Key benefits

Different colours and extended sounds
The LED’s do not only show different colours, but it is also possible to create different light patterns (speed of blinking, combined colours etc.). Furthermore, the iL45 gates have an audible alarm that can play audio files, which gives a wide range of different audio alarms.
Customer counting
The iL45 antennas are equipped with customer counters. The customer counters offer more value than ever before since the customer counters can also be used to detect unwanted movements at the store exit or entrance.
One cable installation
The iL45 gates only require one cable ethernet installation, for both data and power. This reduces time and faults sensitive cabling.
Scalability features ensure easy installation and maintenance, even when being installed in hundreds of stores.