i45 top close up frog perspective

Loss prevention


RF only | Hybrid (RF & RFID) | RFID only

The next generation EAS

i45 front view, total

i45 RF only | i45 Hybrid | i45 RFID only

RFID upgradable

The i45 gate is ready for an upgrade to RFID, offering the possibility to upgrade the i45 to a hybrid RF/ RFID system or RFID only EAS system whenever you are ready.

State-of-the-art electronics

All Nedap’s i-Line EAS gates are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics that gather valuable information and offer integration possibilities with other security devices.

Adaptive design

The modern open design of the i45 EAS gate strengthens your store’s look and feel. Its look can be completely adapted to the design of your brand or your store which enables seamless integration into any store concept.

Real-time insights

Real-time insight and control with in-store and organization-wide dashboards.

Key features

This is what you can expect:

The following features are all implemented in the i45 RF only, the i45 Hybrid and the i45 RFID only.



9.5 kg | 20.94 lbs



1668 x 462 x 100 mm | 5.47 ft x 1.52 ft x 3.94”


Average power consumption

12 W per antenna



Floor mounted


Alarm signaling

Audio and visual lights



100 – 240 V

i45 RF only | i45 Hybrid | i45 RFID only

Key benefits

Flexible design options
Using the same single cable installation, the i45 gates can be fitted with integrated visitor counting, integrated metal detection and the gates can be easily upgraded to hybrid systems that can both detect RF and RFID tags.
Notification outputs
The different alarm events include information on directions, locations and time. The alarms result in different outputs: notifications on the gate, notifications in mobile devices and API's to integrate with IP devices (e.g. CCTV).
The i30 gates offer actionable data via Nedap Retail Analytics, which enables retailers to check and compare their stores. Nedap Retail Analytics provides information for analysis and suggestions for improvements.
Fast remote service
The majority (81%) of service calls can be solved remotely, without the need to dispatch a technician to the store. Your Nedap partner can immediately see which systems have issues, so remote diagnostics can be provided. These insights result in well-configured and functioning EAS systems that are communicating proactively to ensure better overall asset protection and Return on Investment.