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State-of-the-art EAS

Our Electronic Article Surveillance portfolio is designed to combat shrink and create better shopping experiences. We offer innovative, best-in-class EAS solutions that deliver.


Seamless checkouts

Our solutions speed up the process at the Point of Sale (POS). Don’t let your customers wait in line! Create seamless checkout experiences that are secured, frictionless and fast due to RFID technology.


Real-time insights into shrink

Capture system data in real-time thanks to mini-computers in each antenna. This enables you to identify, quantify and prevent losses. You are also able to get information about alarms, deactivation and store occupancy.


Elegant design

We’ve put a lot of effort into designing the antennas, to make sure they are truly elegant and functional. Our EAS solutions fit in every store, whether it’s a supermarket or flagship stores.

People team employees

Global leader in RFID

Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based EAS. We help retailers fight shrinkage around the globe, with teams in more than 120 countries.

Core technologies

Trusted technology

Many major retailers and brands have chosen Nedap to help protect their merchandise and create seamless shopping experiences, without shrink.

Reviews from Texans

Many retailers in Texas use Nedap's technology to secure their merchandise from fraud and theft.

Under Armour

“Using Nedap’s loss prevention solution is a big win. The solution is more accurate and more pleasing to the eye- at a lower cost. Adopting this solution was a no-brainer”

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“Since implementing this technology, we can say that the reduction of theft has been very significant. Only for this reason, we can ensure that the systems pay for themselves”

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“We can get the same service level and the entrance is now more welcoming for the customer. And that’s exactly what we want to transmit to them”

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