EAS in the Cloud

Offer your customers mobile & self-checkouts and protect your merchandise at the same time

The way consumers shop has changed dramatically over the past decade. The ‘traditional’ way of shopping; entering a physical store, choosing your items and then queuing up to pay at the checkout was completely revolutionized. It is now common for consumers to follow their favourite brands on social media, browse the online shop or even try on clothes in a virtual dressing room. Consumers can then pay simply by clicking on a button and the items are sent directly to them — sometimes even delivered on the same day.

As digital sales continue to rise, it’s never been more important for you to optimize your checkouts in your physical stores.

Secured Point of Sale Solutions

An increasing number of retailers is offering alternatives to the traditional point-of-sale by offering the possibility to their customers to do the payment on their own mobile device. These ‘seamless checkout experiences’ however conflict with traditional EAS solutions. Nedap showcases how mobile payments can be combined with RFID-based EAS systems to effectively prevent merchandise from being stolen.

Seamless and cost-efficient security with RFID tags makes this solution sustainable while our integrations with existing systems and the ability to use existing barcodes makes it easy to adopt.

Employee-assisted mobile payments

By enabling employee-assisted mobile payments, retailers make it very easy for their employees to help customers to pay for items anywhere in the store, which also adds valuable floor space in the store.

Mobile Payments

By enabling self-scanning and mobile payments on the mobile device of the customer, retailers can provide customers the possibility to check out items without any need to search for a store employee.

Self Checkout

Reduce the long lines and slowdowns that keep your customers from making a purchase with secured self checkouts.

How does it work?

There are 4 different pieces to consider for a secure mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution.

  • RFID-based EAS system

    In order to track the items that are leaving the store, you need to use an RFID-based EAS system. Nedap products that can do this are the hybrid i45, iL45 and the iD Top.

  • RFID labels for security

    In order to track the items, there needs to be an RFID label applied to the item. Ideally, this is done at source, but the labels can also be applied at other phases in the supply chain as the DC or in the store.

  • EAS Database

    In order to keep track of a list of which items are sold (should not alarm when leaving the store) or unsold (should alarm when leaving the store), there is a need for an EAS database.

  • Mobile POS

    The Mobile Point of Sale is used to pay for the items. This can be either employee-assisted or an app on the mobile device of the customer. The mPOS solution needs to be capable of scanning a datamatrix or databar in order to recognize the unique item.

How to prevent high shrinkage levels when introducing mobile checkouts in retail stores

Many retailers are optimizing their POS processes to prevent queues. Especially new payment apps that turn mobile devices into a mobile POS (mPOS) look like the holy grail, but how can retailers make sure that their shrinkage levels do not explode? This white paper discusses how retailers can use RFID to solve the conflict between convenience for their customers and security.


Mobile self-scanning apps allow in-store shoppers to pick up a product they wish to buy, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with their phone, and simply leave. Long gone are the days where you needed to depend on a cashier who will handle the payment for you. Thanks to the integration with Nedap’s iSense and iD Top RFID-based EAS systems, it is ensured that if a customer tries to walk out without paying, the alarm will immediately sound.

  • Eliminate queues and drive higher conversions.
  • Customers enjoy a rich and seamless shopping experience.
  • Store staff focused on customer experience and engagement.

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