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Stock visibility is the basis to make vital forward-looking decisions

Did you have fun with your annual inventory count?
RFID can make your life easier and your retail business more accurate than ever

By Tom Vieweger

January 4 2018

Saying that counting stock in a retail store is fun sounds a little bit ironic – at least if you still do it manually or even apply barcode-based scanning. At the same time, the mandatory count just provides one-off stock information as a “snapshot”, resulting in inaccuracies for the continuing 12 months. You could categorize this concerted action as a “condemned procedure”, because:

  1. It is stressing
  2. It is tiring
  3. It is error-prone
  4. Its effect is temporary

Is there no better alternative? Yes, there is. Believe it or not, but counting stock is totally different from RFID – that is fun! Stocktaking with RFID is typically 10 times faster than barcode scanning. More importantly, easy and regular counts will result in end-to-end real-time stock visibility.

Stock visibility is the basis to make vital forward-looking decisions

RFID on the item level truly enables retailers to run their business on granular data, which makes it possible for them to take full control over their inventory levels and offer a seamless shopping experience to their customers – no matter if they start or end their customer journey online or offline. Thus, accurate stock information will ensure the delivery of the right products, in the right place, at the right time. Furthermore, it is the basis to build services that enable an excellent customer experience, such as (online) availability checks, the endless aisle or “click & collect”.

Nedap’s iD Cloud RFID solution is the perfect starting point to raise the in-store stock accuracy to over 98% through weekly cycle counts. The solution can be extended by adding additional components and processes as well as advanced technologies, such as a continuous reading infrastructure. Learn more and watch this video:

Tom Vieweger
RFID business expert
Tom Vieweger