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Customer Experience is Mobile Payment

By Hilbert Dijkstra

March 16 2018

The recent news of Macy’s rolling out a mobile POS checkout solution to the majority of its stores, simply underscores the certainty that mobile payment isn’t a luxury for customers anymore, but a necessity for competing in today’s environment.

This week Europe’s first checkout-free consumer electronics store was opened by MediaMarktSaturn, while Decathlon opened their first US store in San Francisco.  These trends mark an impending global shift to mobile payment and soon, customers will expect it.

With both retailers, customers simply pay for items using a mobile app.  Mobile payment is unavoidable to focus on your customers’ experience and to ensure you’re staying relevant and competitive.

For Loss Prevention professionals, the key challenge to overcome is how to protect merchandise in such a fluid payment environment.  One of the most secure and accurate ways to protect retailers’ merchandise is to utilize technology that resides in the cloud.  Check out how Nedap tackles the challenges presented by mobile payment systems in an effective way while producing a stellar Return on Investment (ROI).

Hilbert Dijkstra - Head of Product Management
Head of Product Management
Hilbert Dijkstra