Creating shopping experience in an omnichannel world


Creating Shopping Experience in an Omnichannel World

Recorded session in partnership with Capgemini

Significant opportunities for the future of retail are digital – this has not only been true since ‘COVID-19.’ Of course, stores will always be a place where people come together. However, there is another aspect arising: stores will act as a ‘mini DC’, enabling the fulfilment of online orders directly from the sales floor.  

In this webinar, specialists from Nedap, the global leader in RFID, and Capgemini, the global leader in business consulting, will team up. The two omnichannel experts Madalynn Lauria (Nedap Retail) and Rogier Herrebout (Capgemini) will explain how retailers and brands are aligning with the swiftly changing needs of shoppers and creating brilliant customer experiences by optimizing stock visibility and product availability. 


In this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

  1. Consumer behaviour trends
  2. Creating shopping experience across multiple channels
  3. RFID impact on (digital) product availability
  4. RFID as the single point of truth
  5. RFID for locating, picking and packing
  6. Best practices in implementing omnichannel


  • 30-minute webinar
  • 10-minute Q&A
  • English spoken

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Steffie Broere - Customer Success Manager

Steffie Broere

Global Customer Success Manager at Nedap Retail

Madalynn Lauria

Global Account Executive at Nedap Retail

Rogier Herrebout

Senior Consultat Supply Chain Management at Capgemini