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F&F is owned and operated by Tesco Stores Limited. Established in 2001, F&F is an International Fashion Brand, which is exclusive to Tesco, and sold through Tesco’s retail and online formats through the UK and Europe. The brand includes tailoring, knitwear, occasion wear, footwear, accessories and essentials. F&F aims to be the world’s leading affordable fashion brand, surprising and delighting customers with of the moment, trend-driven fashion.

Customer challenge


For the F&F Clothing line, Tesco searched a solution that offers the needed visibility over its inventory to minimize the traditional in-store stock accuracy challenges and improve the on-shelf availability of its merchandise.

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"We have been enthused by Nedap’s passion and drive which is evident in the implementation of the RFID technology. Our shared values and work ethic have created a partnership of innovative solutions within our stores. Having accurate stock information is a driver for our whole business The RFID partnership with Nedap allows us to replenish stock from the Distribution Centre more efficiently and accurately, making more garment sizes available to customers and improving their overall in-store experience."

Richard Collins
Our solution

Enhancing the shopping experience

Following a successful tender process which included a pilot phase, Nedap was selected to supply the fixed RFID readers for goods receiving and tracking the instore merchandise movements. This enables F&F to continually keep the system stock accurately reflecting the physical stock, so the repeat orders can be triggered at the right point and out of stocks are avoided. The RFID solution is all geared towards enhancing the shopping experience for F&F customers.