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How connectivity boosts Sephora’s loss prevention strategy

Sephora store front

About this project

Stock availability is key in order to provide a unique shopping experience, with an unparalleled choice of fragrance and cosmetics, to beauty fans around the world. Keeping that in mind, Sephora Mexico developed an EAS-based loss prevention strategy that pays for itself.

Beauty and cosmetics
Loss Prevention
Finding the right balance between loss prevention and provide a unique shopping experience
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Founded in 1969, Sephora has acquired the beauty expert reputation internationally. In their stores, customers can touch, smell, and test products. Resulting in a great shopping experience. Their merchandise is worldwide available via one of their 17 webshops, or in one of their brick-and-mortar stores, located in 35 different countries in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Customer challenge


Sephora offers high-end cosmetics which are high-theft items. The biggest challenge is external theft, especially from some creative shoplifters using booster bags (lined inside with aluminium). While also keeping the system downtime to a minimum, because store personnel often decide to switch-off the entire system. Because of this, Sephora experienced an increase in losses due to theft at certain peak times.

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We are a multinational, multi-sourcing, multi-channel retail company, which means that every change in the market place is multiplied. The evolution towards true Omnichannel retailing is really exciting, but it also means that we needed to make a ‘quantum leap’ in stock accuracy to bring visibility to the sales environment. Using iD Cloud, we can offer a better shopping experience, because by the end of 2018, our customers can decide when, where and how they want to shop our brand and get the product delivered with the same quality experience.

Efrain Orta
Loss Prevention Agent at Sephora Mexico
Our solution

In order to keep the EAS systems in good shape and avoid risks, Fast Remote Service was added to their running subscription provided by Nedap Retail. This allows Sephora to save time in maintenance service since they know what is happening in stores in advance. An issue can be detected before a technician comes to the store.

Since implementing this technology, we can say that the reduction has been very significant. Only for this reason, we can ensure that the systems pay for themselves!

Efrain Orta, Loss Prevention Agent at Sephora Mexico