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Supply chain:
real-time, item-level stock visibility with RFID

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About this project

Scalpers selected Nedap as their technology partner for the RFID roll-out to their 220 stores. The iD Cloud software platform and the RFID hardware enables the complete traceability of Scalpers’ inventory and raise the retailer’s stock accuracy.

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Create one Single Point of Truth (SPoT)
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Scalpers was founded in Sevilla, Spain, as an innovative menswear brand with its first store opening in 2007. Since then, Scalpers has become a benchmark in the Spanish fashion industry and has positioned itself as one of the most relevant brands. Today, they design and produce their own collections in menswear, womenswear and kids’ fashion, which are sold online and in 200 stores worldwide. Scalpers’ distribution centres are used to fulfil online orders and store replenishments.

Customer challenge


In today’s omnichannel world, product availability is a highly relevant source of value to customers. To respond to customer needs, Scalpers must know where specific products are in the supply chain. RFID technology provides access to real-time item-level information anywhere within their network.

Aligned with its omnichannel strategy, Scalpers wanted to create “total stock visibility” to improve merchandise availability, reduce stock-outs and increase sales. Additionally, processes should be organized more efficiently to reduce administration and consequently, focus on sales and customer experience.

To build a solid foundation that enables their future growth, Scalpers wanted to create one Single Point of Truth (SPoT) that could accurately create item-level visibility throughout their supply chain. Achieving complete inventory visibility in their stores and distribution centers is the foundation to always have the right products available, at the right place, at the right time, wherever it is fulfilled.

Initial versus current situation in the distribution centers:

RFID at Scalpers

A Solid Foundation To Grow

"RFID is the first step in our digitalization process and essentially it is the pillar for our future growth strategy. Scalpers is a fast-growing fashion retailer and it is our ambition to become top of mind globally in menswear fashion. But we realize that this can only be achieved if our operations have a solid foundation and the inventory data we work with is accurate."

Alfonso Vivancos
Our solution

All RFID tunnels and mobile devices are integrated in iD Cloud

The digital transformation for Scalpers started with RFID source tagging all products. The distribution centres use inbound RFID tunnels to verify incoming deliveries, while outbound RFID tunnels are used for verifying outgoing shipments. Scalpers stores use mobile RFID devices to perform frequent accurate stocktakes and to improve instore processes. All RFID tunnels and mobile devices are integrated with Nedap’s iD Cloud RFID software platform.

The Nedap iD Cloud RFID software platform is Scalpers’ single point of truth when it comes to accurate inventory visibility. Nedap’s iD Cloud is the foundation for routing the right product to the right channel at the right time. The RFID platform captures a 360-degree view of all inventory data using various RFID read points throughout the supply chain.

System Overview

All RFID read-points (RFID tunnels, RFID desktop stations, RFID handhelds) are integrated with Nedap’s iD Cloud RFID software platform.

As a core, iD Cloud includes an EPCIS repository that holds all EPC read-events, wherever they have been created or whenever the status of an EPC changes (e.g., going to a new location). Thus, iD Cloud is the central system to keep track of all item movements and status changes.

Partnership with Rielec

The project has been realized by Nedap together with Rielec. Rielec is an engineering company based in Spain that designs, produces, and integrates RFID read-points. Nedap has provided backend software (the EPCIS repository), consulting and training.


Scalpers scans and verifies 100% of incoming and outgoing shipments. This results in more efficient processes, full shipment accuracy and ultimately 100% real-time, item-level stock visibility.

For us, RFID is the first step in our digitalization process and essentially it is the pillar for our future growth strategy.

Alfonso Vivancos, CEO