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Fashionable loss prevention

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Pimkie is reformulating – this includes the design of completely open entrances with a concealed EAS system.

Loss Prevention
Create fashionable loss prevention
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Pimkie, the renowned French fast fashion clothing brand, is present in 28 countries with 690 stores. Recently, the brand launched Fashion Factory, as an embodiment of all the enthusiasm Pimkie brings to women’s fashion. This consolidates Pimkie’s ambition to create tomorrow’s fashion together and to offer it to their customers both in stores and online.

Customer challenge


Pimkie is speeding up its brand repositioning on the international market by reformulating its flagship stores, making them more omnichannel oriented, smarter and closer to consumers. The restyling of Pimkie’s flagship Store in Milan is a part of this. The plan involves the design of completely open entrances with unobtrusive article surveillance systems that do not block the view on the merchandise yet emphasize the ideas of freedom and creative sharing in the “Fashion Factory”.

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"We want to strengthen the concept underlying the restyling of Pimkie’s Flagship Store in Milan and better interpret our brand values in a space where the product is enhanced by a bright and open environment. The company needed a security solution with the smallest possible impact on the store’s appearance and layout, however without threatening the security and loss prevention performance."

Daniele Raffele
Service & Maintenance Manager
Our solution

Eliminating false alarms

By installing these RFID solutions for electronic article surveillance, which was done quickly and without any major disruption of the store’s layout, a significant shrink reduction was achieved.

Thanks to its dynamic beam steering, iD Top constantly generates a dynamic series of independent beams oriented in all directions, allowing for precise tag direction detection and stray tag filtering. That makes it possible to determine whether a label is really passing the system or is just a stray tag read.

Using the dynamic beam steering the iD Top also detects in which direction an RFID tag is moving, this makes it possible to reliably monitor and alarm if a Pimkie article with an RFID tag is leaving the store.

Identifying and tracking merchandise

The ability to identify and track the movement of merchandise by using the RFID tags is also a first step towards future applications of the solution for stock management using RFID.

Ease of installation and integration

In addition to superior detection performance, the iD Top ensures an easier and more cost-effective installation, since no major structural work is needed. The antennas, connected by a single ethernet cable and powered by power over ethernet, can be installed above false ceilings with a VESA-mount or hanging on steel cables. This makes it easy to move them to another location whenever the store design changes. Installation and configuration of the system are also extremely simple and quick. Thanks to open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the retailer or a third party software company can integrate all the devices in a total RFID solution.