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Improving web order fulfillment and on-shelf availability

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About this project

Outdoor Voices selected Nedap to rollout iD Cloud with the objective to achieve full inventory visibility. This implies that all items, whether located in the distribution centre or in stores, are consolidated into one centralized inventory hub.

Outdoor Voices
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Outdoor Voices is an activewear brand that is on a mission to Get The World Moving. By freeing fitness from performance and bringing play back into everyday life, Outdoor Voices is building a community of Recreational enthusiasts who believe that #DoingThings - moving your body and having fun with friends - is the surest, most important way to a happy and healthy life.

Customer challenge

Outdoor Voices

For Outdoor Voices as a digitally native brand, it’s important that their online experience mirrors that of the brand shops and this plays an important part in OV’s strategy of activating locally and amplifying digitally. They want to provide best-in-class customer experiences, regardless of whether or not they purchase online or through OV stores.

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Selling the very last unit

Store employees are now able to better manage the omnichannel experience, where OV can complete inventory counts with 99 per cent accuracy and therefore expose customers to every last unit available within their inventory. This coupled with the seamless integration of NewStore technology will ensure OV can serve our customers wherever they are located, online or offline.

Ship from store

As a digital-first company, online orders play a significant part in Outdoor Voices’ business. Order fulfilment, therefore, is crucial. One of the key results of the pilot project is that the number of lost sales due to inaccurate stock dropped significantly. Web orders are located and picked from store shelves using Zebra RFID handhelds equipped with the iD Cloud app. Orders are then shipped from there when they are not available in the distribution centre. In addition, in-store safety stocks can be lowered as full inventory visibility allows for efficient replenishment.

Outdoor voices store

Serving customers wherever they are located, online or offline

Full Inventory Control

"Our job is ensuring that we have the key partners in place who can provide best-in-class experiences for our customers so that regardless of whether or not they purchase online or through our shops, we send them home with the apparel they’ve been looking for.”

Nate Peterson
Vice President of Supply Chain
Our solution

No need for separate stock in order to fulfill web orders and replenish stores

Outdoor Voices selected iD Cloud as a turn-key solution to further enable the omnichannel journey to their customers. One of the key objectives is achieving full and reliable inventory visibility throughout its retail chain to successfully deliver concepts like ship-from-store and BOPIS.

Besides the benefits to their omnichannel journey, the use of RFID allows for increased product availability and improved on-shelf availability that has ultimately transpired in a lift for Outdoor Voices.