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RFID for future growth & omnichannel

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Brownie selected Nedap for the supply of its RFID software solution iD Cloud. Brownie uses iD Cloud to raise the in-store stock accuracy of its stores. The roll-out took place from May to June 2017.

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Brownie was founded in 2006 in Barcelona by Juan Morera and Mercedes Ortega. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry, they decided to create a homemade clothing brand, almost artisanal, with noble raw materials and whose target includes both teenager and mature women.

Customer challenge


Brownie is a fast-growing fashion retailer with physical stores throughout Spain. To enable their future growth and realize their omnichannel ambitions, Brownie was looking for an RFID solution that offers them more insight into their operations regarding their stock accuracy and product availability.

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Brownie store inside

"The implementation of Nedap’s RFID software is the first step in our digitalization process. This technology gives us the stock accuracy level that we need to be a real omnichannel player. Using iD Cloud, we have more insight into our operations than ever before. We now know the product availability and stock depth for each store and even per location within each store."

Albert Puyol
Our solution

RFID for future growth & omnichannel

iD Cloud gives Brownie detailed insights into the actual stock levels, which also makes it possible to connect the stock of physical stores with Brownie’s online platforms and offer services like Click & Collect.

In the stores, staff members perform a weekly cycle count using an RFID handheld reader and the iD Cloud app on a mobile device. iD Cloud then translates the collected data into comprehensive lists that highlight the differences between Brownie’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the RFID count. Consequently, the causes of stock differences, through losses or administrative errors, can be identified and dealt with more quickly.

The implementation of Nedap’s RFID software is the first step in our digitalization process.

Albert Puyol, CEO