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America Today selected Nedap’s iD Cloud software for the RFID roll-out to their 69 stores across the Benelux. The full roll-out took place over a period of fewer than 6 months.

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Since 1989, America Today is the place to be for American brands. Eastpak, Levi Strauss, Wrangler and Russell, all brands that America Today was the first one selling in the Netherlands. With the introduction of their own label, America Today had a premier: a Dutch-born brand inspired by the American College Lifestyle. Their formula is unstoppable and currently has established over 70 stores and active webshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Customer challenge

America Today

America Today is a fashion retailer with exciting omnichannel ambitions. Quickly realizing that stock accuracy was going to be the bottleneck, America Today started investigating a business case for RFID.

America Today did not have reliable stock data, which prevented it from truly integrating its stores and online channels.

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RFID at America Today

Ready for Omnichannel

"We realized that our stock accuracy was going to be a huge bottleneck for our omnichannel ambitions. That is why we started investigating, together with Nedap, whether we had a business case, and it turned out that we actually had one. We opted to follow the GS1 standards, so as to offer cooperation with all our supply chain partners more opportunities in the future. We are fully convinced that RFID will be a great help to us in gaining more insight into and control of our stock."

Johanthan Kahn
Our solution

Looking for the business case

In the autumn of 2018, America Today started a pilot together with Nedap in 3 stores, to investigate whether there was actually sufficient basis for a business case. During the course of the pilot, a weekly stock count was performed using the iD Cloud software and an RFID handheld reader, which resulted in an improvement in stock accuracy from 75% on average to 98%.

America Today quickly realized they had a business case. Together with Nedap, America Today decided to follow GS1 standards, which made it possible to cooperate with all of America Today’s supply chain partners.

Nedap’s iD Cloud software suite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, developed for the retail sector. The software provides insight into stock levels and the exact location of each item. This also provides the basis for omnichannel concepts such as Click & Collect and Ship-from-Store.

Our biggest driver is omnichannel, but technology like RFID really tempts you to do everything at once. We opted to place our initial focus on maximizing results with the lowest possible level of complexity.

Jonathan Kahn, CFO of America Today