Embedded System Engineer

Help us develop the stores of the future!

Market group information
Nedap Retail is a market group of Nedap that develops innovative solutions for retailers throughout the world. Our retail security and inventory management solutions mean that retailers can always have the right product available for their customers. To make this possible, Nedap Retail develops state-of-the-art RF, RFID hardware and cloud-based software services.
An RFID tag consists of a chip that is connected to an antenna. The shape and size of the tags can differ, although the most commonly used tags come in the form of easily attachable stickers. The information contained in the chip can be read from a distance (of several metres) and can be modified if necessary.
We believe that in a few years’ time, every product in the world will have an RFID tag. This gives us an opportunity to work on innovative (social) issues, such as how to ensure that:

  • you always have fresh food without having to throw any away;
  • your size is always available when you’re looking for clothes;
  • you don’t have to queue at the cash desk when you want to buy something in a shop;
  • the roads aren’t blocked by delivery vans delivering on-line orders;
  • it makes no difference whether you buy on-line or in the shop;
  • you have no problems exchanging products; and
  • older people are happy to embrace the use of technology.

These are just some of the issues we aim to address.

What’s involved?
Our R&D Department employs the latest RFID technologies. This ensures that our technological solutions continue to stand out in the retail world. In short, we are permanently thinking about the shops of the future. Your knowledge and expertise will contribute to the (further) development of our products.
As an Embedded System Engineer, you will help us to develop our devices. Our devices can be suspended from the ceiling, placed on the floor, installed in the ground, attached to the wall or held in the hand. All the devices use advanced algorithms that are developed in-house. These are very distinctive and are becoming increasingly important. The devices are connected to our cloud environment (anywhere in the world).

Each product has its own specific features and development challenges. One example is the portable !D Hand device. This is a handheld RFID reader that can be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth. It has been developed to ensure optimal communication with RFID labels. The !D Hand uses a camera to read barcodes, can be charged wirelessly, has a non-removable battery, includes a vibration mode, is very neat in appearance and is energy efficient. Another example is the iD Top. As the name suggests, this device can be suspended from the ceiling and has a unique algorithm to track the movement of labels inside the store. It can also be combined with other iD Tops in a network to create one large, distributed system.

Further information can be found on our website: nedap-retail.com

Which team will you work with?
You will be working in the software team of our R&D Department, which focuses specifically on software for our devices (firmware). This is a multidisciplinary team comprising seven people of different ages and with different interests. The team is very close and we try to give each other constructive criticism to help us stay sharp and achieve the best results together. This keeps our work processes dynamic, and there is always room for personal input. The team is part of the R&D Department, which has thirty employees.

What kind of person are we looking for?
You will have an academic background and will have completed studies in the field of embedded systems or computer science. You will have a focus on software and an affinity with hardware. You are assertive and proactive, and you are not afraid to give your opinion. Relevant experience is an advantage.

What does Nedap offer?
We offer excellent employment conditions, with sufficient challenges and opportunities to further develop your skills. You will be working in a modern and inspiring environment.

What happens next?
We think it is important for you to describe why you would suit Nedap. Please apply by clicking on the button below to submit your CV and motivation letter, addressed to Paulette Kamperman. If you have any questions, please write to paulette.kamperman@nedap.com.

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