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Raise stock accracy to 98+% and offer omnichannel services

iD Cloud gives Brownie detailed insights into the actual stock levels, which enables Brownie to raise their stock accuracy to 98+% and offer omnichannel services.


Cecilia Cano: The perfect store is one that anticipates its clients’ needs. That is, it has to have available the product the client is going to buy. consumers are currently into “immediacy”. Everything is now just a click away. “I’m looking for it now, I want it now, and I want to pick it up this evening because I want to wear it tonight.” But in order to offer this level of omnichannel, you must first have truly reliable stock accuracy.

So the challenge we had was to be able to know what stock we had in every single one of our stores at all times. It’s very simple, if you don’t have precise stock accuracy, you don’t know what products you have and where. So you don’t get them out of the stockroom and onto the sales floor. Thus, you don’t sell it. You lose sales.

From my experience with Brownie, I don’t think there is such a thing as an “ideal moment” to implement RFID. Any moment is appropriate because it is going to solve something that will boost your sales. So all moments are perfect for that.

Before implementing RFID, Brownie was around 70% to 80% in stock accuracy. After this implementation, we are now around 98% in most of our stores.

It’s as simple as taking the handheld device and start walking around the store while it starts reading on its own

Cecilia Cano – Head of Operations & Logistics

For a company like Brownie it was very important that the solution would be simple to implement, as well as easy to scale and roll out. And Nedap gave us the solution that perfectly met those needs. iD Cloud is super simple, it’s just about a handheld and an iPod. so, it’s as simple as taking the handheld device and start walking around the store while it starts reading on its own.

During the trial phase, three stores participated. After that, we did a roll-out to the rest of the stores. So we went from 3 to 25 stores. From that moment on, it worked on its own. It’s almost like magic. Not only is it easy to scale and rollout, [but] it’s also been very easy to integrate it with the ERP system we already had in place.

The fact that it’s cloud-based is a good thing since you can access the data any time you want to and then analyze anything you need to.

Well, our stores are thrilled! They love to use the handheld device for absolutely everything. If I had to choose again, I wouldn’t even consider a different tool. It’s the infallible solution for having reliable stock accuracy. As so, going back to before is unthinkable.