Sports Unlimited Retail to roll out RFID to 100 multi-brand stores

JD Sports Plc. subsidiary will be able to ship-from-store source tagged items from a.o. Nike and Asics second half of 2020

The Netherlands, Groenlo | February 17 2020

Nedap today announced that the Dutch multi-brand athletic footwear and apparel retailer Sports Unlimited Retail (SUR) has selected Nedap’s !D Cloud software for the RFID roll-out to their 100 stores in the Benelux. The roll-out starts second half 2020.

!D Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service solution specifically developed for retail RFID applications, giving retailers the quickest route to implement RFID and improve their in-store stock accuracy to over 98%. The roll-out decision at SUR was preceded by a proof-of-concept in selected stores to confirm the effectiveness, user-friendliness and scalability of the !D Cloud solution. For the roll-out, all stores will be equipped with the Nedap !D Cloud software and Zebra RFID readers.

Source tagging in a multi-brand retail environment
The RFID deployment at SUR will start with equipping all own merchandise with Avery Dennison RFID labels during the production phase, so called source tagging. In addition, source tagged merchandise from brands such as Asics and Nike are added to SUR’s RFID project. SUR’s ambition is to add all leading brands to the project, in order to have full inventory visibility, regardless of brand or point in the supply chain.

Optimized sales based on inventory data
Wouter Grob, Buying & Merchandise Director at Sports Unlimited Retail (SUR) explains: “Our foremost goals are to raise our in-store inventory accuracy and improve the on-shelf product availability, which will lead to improved sales both in store and buy-online and ship-from-store orders. In Nedap, we have found the perfect partner with a lot of experience and expertise in all relevant areas – from tagging to implementation. When we are ready, we are able to use Display Compliance. This !D Cloud feature allows us to always display the ‘best’ shoes based on sales and inventory data.”

Bruno Bakker, Business Developer RFID at Nedap Retail Benelux adds: “Sports Unlimited Retail is the one of the first Dutch multi-brand retailers, who rolls out RFID and we are extremely proud that SUR has selected us as their partner. It is really exciting to see how much impact RFID can have on the retailer’s bottom line by giving real-time insights into inventory levels, the location of products and providing actionable data which items need to be refilled or replaced.”



Media contact:
Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
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Nedap and Tag Company join forces in the UK retail market

The Netherlands, Groenlo | February 11 2020

Nedap N.V. and Tag Company Ltd. today announced that they will join forces in the UK market regarding Nedap retail loss prevention solutions. This combination brings together the technical and commercial strengths of both companies. Both organizations have stated that the arrangement will take effect 1 March 2020.

This cooperation stems from the close relationship that has been established over the past few years. Tag Company will be responsible for all Nedap EAS business in the UK and will be fully supported by Nedap. The two companies already had a significant position in the market separately, the new combination has a dominant market share.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail, commented: “We highly respect the way Tag Company established itself as a trusted retail partner and are excited about this intensified cooperation. We strongly believe that we will be able to provide our customers with an even better service in the UK retail market by joining forces, consolidating our market share. Together, we will be able to serve the UK market as a strong, reliable partner for retail article surveillance solutions.”

Jon Marchese, Managing Partner at Tag Company reacted: “We are extremely proud that Nedap puts this trust in us. This alliance is an important step for us and reflects our outstanding relationship. The Nedap EAS solutions stand for quality and innovation, which have already proven their value to the British retail market. With the cooperation between Tag Company and Nedap, we expect to further unlock the potential of these solutions.”

Inventory management solution
Nedap also intensifies its activities in the UK market regarding the promotion of !D Cloud – Nedap’s leading RFID-based inventory management platform in the apparel and fashion sector. This means that a dedicated Nedap team will fully focus on assisting retailers to adopt RFID. !D Cloud is used by fashion retailers worldwide to improve their on-shelf merchandise availability and execute a successful omnichannel strategy. Schuurman states: “We see a lot of traction for RFID-based inventory management in the UK apparel and fashion industry and strongly believe that it is one of the markets in Europe where the RFID-adoption will explode over the next years.”


Media contact:
Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
+31 6 55 41 51 67 

Mountain Warehouse selects Nedap for global RFID roll-out

The Netherlands, Groenlo, February 4th 2020

Inventory accuracy a key factor to maintain growth

Mountain Warehouse, a major UK outdoor apparel and equipment retailer, has selected !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading inventory management solution for a global deployment to 400 stores. The deployment started in January 2020 in the United Kingdom, continuing with Europe, North America and New Zealand with the main objective being to improve inventory accuracy, leading to better product availability.

Strategic roadmap around RFID
Mountain Warehouse has been growing year on year for 2 decades now. To continue this success, it’s vital that the retailer continues to be agile and move with customer behavior. Aligning bricks and mortar with the digital experience of using RFID is an essential ingredient to maintain this growth.

“We have been very successful over the past 22 years at Mountain Warehouse. To build on this growth, we made the decision in 2019 to RFID source tag our inventory. As a result of this, we will benefit hugely from having full inventory visibility. Knowing what is in stock allows us to provide better product availability, improving our customer proposition, whilst increasing sales.”, comments Jamie Morgado, Head of Retail Operations at Mountain Warehouse.

Eliminating a high level of investment with Virtual Shielding™
Mountain Warehouse ran a previous project looking into the benefits of RFID. The improvement in accuracy, although with a different supplier, supported the business case which in turn started the Request for Proposal process.

“We were looking for an experienced supplier with a platform that was simple to integrate to, could scale internationally with ease, and was lightweight to setup from an IT perspective. We also wanted an application that is easy and fun for our store staff to use. We feel that Nedap’s experience in the market and approach to RFID, fits in very well with our objectives and culture at Mountain Warehouse, not only now, but where we want to be in the future too”, comments Alexandria Smuts, Head of IT Delivery at Mountain Warehouse.

In addition to experience and references, not having to invest in shielding materials was an important driver for Mountain Warehouse when selecting !D Cloud. Alexandria Smuts: “One key aspect in choosing Nedap was their Virtual Shielding solution, which will help stores with their shop floor replenishment process, maximizing on-shelf availability. Virtual Shielding removes the requirement to physically shield stock rooms with RFID blocking paint or foil, which facilitated a lower level of investment for roll out.”

Similar philosophy
“It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Mountain Warehouse to our !D Cloud community”, comments Nick Markwell, Business Lead !D Cloud UK at Nedap. “We share the same philosophy that inventory accuracy is the fundamental building block to enabling product availability. This will open more doors for future growth, opening up omni-channel initiatives and ultimately providing their customers with better choice. We are looking forward to helping Mountain Warehouse deploy RFID globally and supporting them to develop their RFID roadmap, so that they can continue to build on their very strong 22 years of trading.”

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