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    The State of Retail Loss Prevention

    We surveyed among 100 retail loss professionals in the USA in late August and early September 2020 with the goal to assist the profession in identifying and sharing data on new challenges, trends and solutions and the corresponding best practices. Our survey represents a good cross-section of the profession and subsectors within the industry and we hope it serves to provide benchmarks for all.

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watch the adidas case study

See how adidas solved the problem between security and design with the iD Top

Our unique approach

We provide retailers with solutions to improve their on-shelf availability by minimizing shrinkage and maximizing stock visibility. We distinguish ourselves from others by making our solutions simple to use and implement. We strongly believe in a KPI-driven approach to prove your business case in selected stores and then quickly scale up.

Meet the Team

Nedap is a local team with global presence – we currently cover 127 countries and counting. Our key asset is our team’s commitment to get the result we jointly want to achieve. For this, we have experts in the fields of:

  • Retail processes

  • Proving the Business Case

  • In-store RFID applications

  • Label specifications and source tagging

  • Deploying and maintaining a global estate

Retail Solutions

Our team designs, builds and runs solutions on two technology platforms;
iSense is a portfolio of RF-ID readers for in-store use with open communication protocols for existing software platforms. The popular iD Top is part of the iSense family.
!D Cloud is a truly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for RFID stock management for retail with out-of-the-box support of RFID handheld and fixed readers. !D Cloud integrates easily with existing ERP and stock management systems.

ID Top

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