Mobile is happening, in retail, in store.

Today I read that Macy will roll out a Mobile POS/Checkout solution in the majority of their stores. ( This week Europe’s first checkout-free consumer electronics store was opened by MediaMarktSaturn, while Decathlon opened their first US store in San Francisco. In both stores, customers simply pay for items using an mobile app.  Mobile is […]

Nedap introduces 3rd iSense Lumen antenna

In-store hardware for article surveillance Groenlo, The Netherlands, 20 November 2017 Today, Nedap announces the international launch of its iL33 Plexiglas article surveillance antenna for loss prevention in retail stores. The iL33 is the 3rd antenna in Nedap’s iSense Lumen product line, which was introduced earlier this year. It has an elegant design and delivers […]

Mobile Shrink: The Newest LP Challenge

Just when Loss Prevention (LP) professionals thought they’ve identified every point-of-loss to battle, technology has introduced mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) to the world of retail. This has caused some LP professionals to scramble a bit to create stopgaps until they can wrap their arms around this relatively new method of retail operation. Those who have had […]