Access control

You want your staff to have easy access to any location they need to better serve your customers. At the same time, you want to make your store inaccessible for intruders. We can help you to remotely manage access to your store and stock rooms, offices and computer systems with authorized access cards and keep unwanted visitors out with automated alarm escalations.
With Nedap's solution for Access Control, you can easily manage and monitor staff access to lockers and doors and centrally control access to your store based on staff roles. On a one-off basis, permanently or based on a time profile. When doors of backrooms or drawers are open too long or when employees misuse their access cards, we will inform you instantly.
  • Central control
    Centrally manage profiles for your staff based on responsibility.
  • Remote management
    Instantly grant access to new employees or block access cards of past employees.
  • Real-time data for all events
    Real-time analytics reporting and dashboards for store and security managers.
  • Automated reactions
    Create automated reactions to intruder alarms, including blocking secondary alarms and activating lighting.
  • Connected systems
    Remote maintenance and updating of all connected systems.

Organization-wide dashboard
The Retail Analytics dashboard gives regional / (inter-)national headquarters insight in the policy compliance of the store management in relation to the access control system. In the dashboard, all access cards, which have not been used for a long time are listed, and the use of identical pin codes is signaled.


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