Fashion stores

Fashion retailers invest heavily to create the ideal shopping experience. Nedap’s advanced platform for loss prevention and stock management, based on RF and RFID technology, helps you to effectively prevent losses and optimize your merchandise availability. Real-time actionale data helps you to increase sales and achieve profitable, sustainable growth. 
Loss prevention
Your customers should notice your beautiful collection, not your security measures. That’s why our loss prevention systems are always adaptable to your store concept and your current and future needs. Our smart antennas are future-proof (RFID-ready) and give real-time insight in alarm levels, visitor numbers or booster bags. Learn more...
Stock management
Keep your available merchandise at optimum levels so every customer who enters the store finds what they are looking for. Nedap gives instant insight in merchandise availability by using RFID technology. Learn more...
Source tagging
Move the efforts of applying tags and labels to your merchandise from the store to the source to increase efficiency and lower costs. Learn more...
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